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Digital entrepreneurship tools and support for women entrepreneurs | Tools für digitales Unternehmertum und Unterstützung für Unternehmerinnen | Инструменти за цифрово предприемачество и подкрепа за жени предприемачи | Alati za digitalno poduzetništvo i podrška poduzetnicama | Ψηφιακά εργαλεία επιχειρηματικότητας και υποστήριξη για γυναίκες επιχειρηματίες | Strumenti di imprenditorialità digitale e sostegno alle donne imprenditrici | Digitālās uzņēmējdarbības rīki un atbalsts sievietēm uzņēmējām | Інструменти цифрового підприємництва та підтримка жінок-підприємців

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Paola Marzario

Paola Marzario has been a pioneer of female start-uppers in Italy. In 2012 she founded BrandOn, based in Milan and Naples: a former startup, and now scaleup, that helps to enable in a few weeks, and manage at 360 degrees, the online sales of products belonging to multiple sectors: Beauty&Cosmetics, Parapharma, Fashion&Apparel, Home&Living, Electronics, Books.

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Since 2012 BrandOn Group is the partner that guarantees companies access to digital marketplaces adapting the strategy according to the needs of each client: focused on one or more geographies, selective marketplaces (i.e. with approval) or open, generalist or vertical (i.e. specialized on specific product categories).

Thanks to the experience gained in a decade and to its own technological platforms, BrandOn Group implements the strategy activating in a very short time all the operational processes necessary to give visibility to brands, products and companies in the most visited digital showcases.

Today, BrandOn Group manages a portfolio of over 6 million references on more than 45 international marketplaces, with particular focus on sectors such as Sport, Beauty & Cosmetics, Fashion, Home & DYI, Food, Baby, Toys, Media & Electronics, Pets, Business & Industrial.

Supporting its clients by sharing needs and growth targets, BrandOn Group defines a strategy and digital sales plan customized by business model (B2B or B2C), marketplace and geography, integrating every aspect of the supply chain.

BrandOn Group represents the unique interlocutor that takes care of all preparatory, functional and consequent activities to marketplace sales. BrandOn Group supports and guides its clients in a circular path that optimizes each phase of the Value Chain, collecting in real time useful data to be analyzed in order to further optimize sales in the next cycle.

BrandOn Group's technological platform has created an integrated ecosystem that connects all players in online distribution: sellers, whose warehouses and products are updated in real time, logistics partners (couriers and warehouses) and technology, sales platforms and external databases, which enrich the ability to analyze and understand the market and competition.

BrandOn Group is constantly integrating new marketplaces, new countries and new data sources into its platform, with the aim of selling competitively on an increasing number of channels.

Optimization algorithms and technological tools developed by BrandOn Group increase sales volumes and the effectiveness of order management.

In 2021 it entered the Financial Times ranking of the 250 fastest growing European companies. With the pandemic, and the subsequent push for digitization, the company has grown.

"During the pandemic, we hired several women," comments Paola Marzario. "We are perhaps the exception that proves the rule." Yet the danger of a new gender disparity due to the pandemic is there. How to get out of it? "Lots and lots of training in digital skills and the desire to get involved, even as a self-taught person," Marzario replies. "Many companies are innovating: it's true that physical retail has stopped with the various lockdowns, but online has increased. You still need a person to publish content online. Someone who lost their job because they were a salesperson could reinvent themselves online."


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