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Karina Loshmanova 

Loshmanova Karina (Car service "VRS GARAGE"), Kharkiv, Ukraine

Crazy love for cars has become decisive!

I managed to enter medical college and successfully graduated from it. For six long years, I worked in an emergency hospital. But my crazy love for cars decided everything for me. I was lucky to meet a man who said to me: "This is yours, go for it!"

The first steps to creating your own service station

After deciding on your service station, you needed to find a room and equip it. It was extremely difficult, I had to work hard, and there were no weekends at all. It was very difficult financially. We had to do various jobs, for example, we worked as painters, electricians, adjusted the lifting mechanism, promoted service stations on the advertising site. The first and second years were the hardest, and then my team was formed and the business went up. The most difficult stage for me was promoting my business on social networks: running an Instagram page like @VRSgarage.

Women at the service station…

Finally, we presented our service station. My goal was not only to create a qualified car repair service but also to provide advice on issues related to car repair and maintenance. This has become very important for women drivers recently, as more and more women are driving nowadays.

My dream is for women drivers to know the car adequately and understand what can lead to its malfunction.

Pandemic period: difficulties and obstacles

When the pandemic started, everyone panicked; we did not have to work at all for several weeks, because the law prohibited it, the volume of car service fell by 40-50%. But we did not give up and focused on putting the service station in order. We carried out general cleaning of the premises, analysed the order of materials for car maintenance, removed a significant amount of materials that were not used. Besides, we created rules for allocating resources and the team's algorithm for new lockdowns. New methods of car repair and maintenance began to be introduced, as well as the use of various information technologies. At the beginning of my work with information technologies, I did everything myself: I created an Instagram page, registered on the site selling auto spare parts, but I didn’t get the expected results at first. I began to search for information about the promotion of business in social networks on the Internet, many methods were used, such as page management, placement of Instagram ads on the pages of bloggers of the target audience, and more. In the application "Diia" ("Action") I learned to keep all the accounts and keep reports with the state tax service. All the steps were important to me and finally, they showed their results, the number of clients increased by 20-30%, which is why I am satisfied now.

Is it worth starting your own business nowadays?

I don't think there is such a thing as a "good" time for business. After all, when everyone is working, then there is high competition, and during the pandemic, it is difficult for everyone. Sometimes you need to gather all your strength, give up something and not be afraid to take risks.

A thorough analysis of competitors was made, I described my average client, first of all, women drivers, and had in-depth conversations with some of them. This gave me an idea of what approach to choose for customers and where to advertise my business. Now I am still promoting my service station on social networks, I started to run an online spare parts store. I am ready to continue moving forward and preserve my team without losing employees.


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