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Digital entrepreneurship tools and support for women entrepreneurs | Tools für digitales Unternehmertum und Unterstützung für Unternehmerinnen | Инструменти за цифрово предприемачество и подкрепа за жени предприемачи | Alati za digitalno poduzetništvo i podrška poduzetnicama | Ψηφιακά εργαλεία επιχειρηματικότητας και υποστήριξη για γυναίκες επιχειρηματίες | Strumenti di imprenditorialità digitale e sostegno alle donne imprenditrici | Digitālās uzņēmējdarbības rīki un atbalsts sievietēm uzņēmējām | Інструменти цифрового підприємництва та підтримка жінок-підприємців

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Final Recommendations

4.    Further recommendations:

As a conclusion, the round table with the stakeholders and the survey that was conducted with the help of digital experts showed that the program is a very important tool for both women entrepreneurs and digitalization coaches. After processing the contribution of all partners, you can find below some recommendations regarding the implementation of the Curriculum Prototype, as suggested by the seven countries:

  1. In order to get the maximum effect from this program, it is necessary to finance the development of detailed curricula for all the proposed modules.

  2. An effective measure for the implementation of the program can be the creation of a club or cluster of digitalization experts, both on an international and local level of each country. 

  3.  A search for effective information technologies for small businesses should be carried out on an ongoing basis, since new technologies appear all the time. 

  4. One of the best ways to implement the Curriculum into training practice is to use it in the economics and entrepreneurship study programs of universities, colleges, and specialized business courses.

  5. Due to the fact that micro-medium businesses don’t have the appropriate technical knowledge, a public (or institutional) help is needed.

  6. Bureaucracy is still a main obstacle that women have to overcome in order to set up their own business. We recommend a simplification of all the procedures in which women need to proceed as well as the digitalization of public sector’s services.

  7. Partners stated that several regional and national policies are not developed enough for women entrepreneurs. As a result, there is the need for a fully equal opportunities approach.

  8. In order to implement the Curriculum in the most effective way, participants recommended an adjustment into the legal aspects of each country (legislation, circumstances and needs).

  9. Participants of the roundtable supported the training program and proposed its dissemination and distribution among entrepreneurs using the websites of various foundations and unions.

  10. A suggestion was made regarding the adaptation of the training program for territorial communities in order to prevent migration of able-bodied population. 

  11. Also, the impact that Covid-19 had on small and medium businesses should be taken into account for the implementation of the training program.


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